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Vinyl Decking

Duradek™ Vinyl Decking in Coquitlam and the Lower Mainland

Duradek™ is our main product at Quality Vinyl Decking. We’re proud to carry this quality product and to be a certified applicator. Duradek™ products are made of a vinyl/PVC membrane that is 100% waterproof. Their decking carries a 20-year life expectancy, and most installations take only a day.

Once your new Duradek™ is installed, you’ll find it durable and easy to maintain.

Duradek™ is always coming up with new current colours.

Quality Vinyl Decking has a long history with Duradek™, the premium-quality product for vinyl decking.

The Benefits of Vinyl Decks


Are you considering replacing your old deck? Or is it time to add a new deck to your home? There are endless options for you to choose from in the market. However, vinyl decks stand out for countless reasons. They offer qualities that make them superior to their counterparts. These include:

Durability: Unlike wood, vinyl decks don't split, rot or warp. They're insect-resistant, so you won't have to worry about termite infestations. A vinyl deck won't splinter or split, which means you can walk on them barefoot. They're incredibly invulnerable to harsh weather conditions such as heavy winds and rain. All of these factors make vinyl decks very durable.

Low maintenance: Your home requires a lot of maintenance to remain in perfect condition. When adding features, you should consider the degree of maintenance required. An element such as a deck that needs very high maintenance will add to your list of tasks. Vinyl decks are virtually maintenance-free. All they need is a cleaning now and then.

Versatility: When choosing a deck, you have to consider the design, colour and layout options to meet the overall look of your home. Vinyl decks offer a lot of customizability. This means they come in endless design options and can even look like other materials. Not only that, but they offer a high degree of control regarding the sizing. You can choose the size, height, length and width of your choice to match your home.

Value: Your home's features should add value to it. Besides the other benefits, vinyl decks add functionality and value to your property. They improve your curb appeal and enhance your home's market value, should you ever decide to sell it.

Would you like to learn more about our Duradek™ vinyl decking in Coquitlam and the surrounding areas? Please don't hesitate to contact our team today. Besides this, you can view our gallery for more information.



One of the core benefits of our Duradek™ vinyl decking in Coquitlam is the minimal maintenance. These decks look and perform their best without the need for extensive servicing procedures. We recommend paying attention to the following to keep your deck in good condition:

Seasonal cleaning: It is recommended that you clean your vinyl deck four times a year using the Duradek™ Vinyl Cleaner. This cleaner is meant for use on your deck and won't leave any harmful residue. If you have a soiled area on your deck, it is best to address it immediately without waiting for an opportunity to clean the whole deck. 

Inspection: Besides seasonal cleanings, you should carry out an annual inspection of your deck. During this examination, you should look at the caulking used to seal around posts, pillars, corners, vents, drains, and other areas. This inspection will highlight the early signs of any problems, and you can reach out to us for help.

Protection: You can make use of non-rubber-backed mats in high-traffic areas such as stair landings to avoid scuffing on your deck. We ask our clients not to drag any heavy or sharp-edged objects across the surface of their vinyl decks.

Would you like to learn more about taking care of your Duradek™ vinyl decking in Coquitlam? We invite you to reach out to our team. Besides this, we can also provide you with railings


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